Stonington SEALs Lacrosse mission statement is dedicated to the kids of Stonington, CT and neighboring towns providing all of our players and members with the opportunity to discover and ultimately embrace the shared passion of the lacrosse experience. St

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Welcome to Stonington Seals's website!


Stonington SEALs Lacrosse board members are parents, business owners, past lacrosse players and coaches. We embrace and are members of US Lacrosse Organization and NECLAX. Our mission statement is dedicated to the kids of Stonington and neighboring towns providing all of our players and members with the opportunity to discover and ultimately embrace the shared passion of the lacrosse experience. Stonington SEALs offers our players the opportunity for personal growth and development by teaching the value of respect, fairness, teamwork, communication, responsibility, truthfulness, non-discrimination, honesty and integrity at all times. 

In this website, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our club.

2017 Registration is now open, new uniforms this season! To order uniforms 

Past players are welcome to continue to use their SEALs shorts and skorts, new reversible shirts must be ordered.

Click on "SHOP BY TEAM" top center bar and then click on the Stonington Lacrosse-Logo (page 1)

All orders will ship 4-5 weeks after we close the store on March 3, 2017. Uniforms are not returnable for any reason except manufacturing defects. Macwear is not responsible for wrong sizes ordered. Please make sure to attend one of our uniform fitting dates Jan 10, 6-8pm or Feb 5, 11:30-1:30pm at the Stonington Como.

Contact with any questions.


USER ID: Stonington (capital "S" only)

PASSCODE: stonington1298 (all small letters)

With changing uniforms, uniform manufacturer and online ordering process we wanted to give you some more specific ordering information as there has been a couple of questions. 
When ordering your players uniform, when you get to the checkout page underneath the check out button there is a "change" button, click on the "change" button and choose coach pick up. The uniforms will be picked up distributed to players. There is a standard $8 fee for coach pick up. This covers costs for Macwear's website, online bill pay fee, team packaging etc. 
If you would like, you still have the option to have your order sent directly to your home for an additional shipping and handling fee. 

Mystic Indoor Sport Preseason Turf included in Spring Registration starting (Feb-April) sign up today!

Teams:   Intro- Kindergarten, U8-(1st & 2nd grade) U10-(3 & 4th grade) U12-(5th & 6th grade) U14-(7th and 8th grade)



2017 SEALs Letter to Parents


We hope that your sons and daughters are excited for another great season of lacrosse.   The Spring lacrosse season is fast approaching and our Board and Coaches have really focused on improving our preseason training offerings while also adopting the latest US Lacrosse guidelines.  We do recognize that there will be numerous changes that will impact all our teams but hopefully, these changes will enhance learning opportunities for all age groups and all abilities. 

US Lacrosse issued out their new Athlete Development Model to ensure safe, developmentally appropriate, and fun playing opportunities among players of similar age.  The new age groups are as follows: 14U (8th/7th grade), 12U (6th/5th grade), 10U (3rd/4th grade) and 8U (1-2nd)  K-Instructional.  For our Spring registration, we will have two different registration groups for boys and girls, one for players 8 and under (8U) and one for the rest of our players.  We will then place everyone in grade appropriate teams after registration is complete and we have a better understanding of our roster sizes.  More information on this ADM model can be found at:

 In past seasons, we offered optional indoor preseason lacrosse clinics at the high school gym. While these clinics served our needs in prior years, the opening of Mystic Indoor Sports presented us with an opportunity to use a state of the art indoor turf field for practices before the weather allows us to be outdoors. This year, instead of offering separate clinics, we essentially will start our season earlier, practicing in the new indoor space. Player fees for the indoor program will be rolled up into the registration fee for the season. To keep costs down, we are partnering with Groton Lacrosse.

We want to ensure this additional practice time is put to good use so we are also teaming with 3D Lacrosse to provide their professional training to our boys and girls during some of the indoor practice sessions. We partnered with 3D Lacrosse for a couple of the girl’s sessions last year and their practice plans and teaching style really focuses on building stick skills with fast-paced drills and repetitions.  This also greatly benefited our coaches as we employed these training techniques once the season started.  We are very excited to expand our collaboration with 3D Lacrosse.

 The Stonington Seals Board is working to finalize the calendar for the 2017 season and though it does not yet include the game schedules for the specific teams, it will includes date for preseason practice schedules and other key events thru April of 2017.  Registration will be open in December through our website.

Current Schedule:

Beginner Clinics:  We will continue to offer our free “Learn to Play Lacrosse Parent and Player Program” in conjunction with the Stonington Community Center.  This program is aimed at younger players that have never played lacrosse before and would like to try it. Clinics will be held in the Como gym and the dates are: January 29th, February 5th and February 12th from 1:30-3:00pm.

Youth Boy’s Practice:  Boy’s practice for 9-14 year olds will be held on Monday nights at the Mystic Indoor Sports Complex.  In partnership with Groton lacrosse, we will run for four joint clinics on consecutive Mondays in February (6th, 13th, 20th and 27th).   After these four clinics, we will then switch over to Stonington-only practices (in lieu of gym practices) to focus on team play on consecutive Friday’s in March (3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th). For the first two clinic sessions in February, we will partner with 3d lacrosse to instruct our players and coaches. After we assess the number of registered participants, we will determine how best to break-up the age groups and to maximize our 5:00-8:00pm time slot.

Youth Girl’s Practice:  Girl’s practice for 9-14 year olds will be held on Thursday nights at the Mystic Indoor Sports Complex from March 2nd to April 20th.  The girl’s program will be leveraging professional 3D Lacrosse trainers for the first 6 weeks of the clinic. There will be two time slots based on grades. Grades 3-5 will practice from 5:00-6:30. Grades 6-8 will practice at 6:30-8:00.

Girls 8U: The 8 and under age group will have selected dates for practice at Mystic Indoor Sport in March 5-6pm. The Athlete Development Model focuses less on game play and more on fundamentals in this age group. Games will still be played; however, they will be on a smaller field with fewer players.

Boys 8U: The 8 and under age group will be run differently this year and will not start practicing until the Stonington-only Friday practices in March (3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th) at Mystic Indoor Sports (boys 8U will not participate in February joint clinics with Groton). The Athlete Development Model focuses less on game play and more on fundamentals in this age group. Games will still be played; however, they will be on a smaller field with fewer players.

Registration Fees:

Bundled Fee:  In prior years, parents had to separately register and pay for the indoor clinics, spring registration and their US Lacrosse membership renewals.   This season, we are bundling all the fees together. 

Challenges:  Our goal is to keep the registration costs low while striving to increase the quality of our program.  We do have some increased financial costs due to increased referee costs, transaction fee costs, overhead fees (coaches training, fields, equipment, medical supplies etc.) and expanded use of indoor facility time. Stonington Seals board is proud to say this is the first time in 5 years we have had to raise our registration fees. We hope everyone understands with the cost challenges we are facing, to grow and enhance this program we had no choice this year.

New Registration Fees:   The registration fees for boys and girls age 9-14 will be $170 this season.  This sounds like a big increase but it is only a $25 increase from last year when comparing the combined fees for the indoor clinics, spring registration and US Lacrosse membership.   Indoor practice attendance is highly recommended, but please understand that the cost of the clinic is included in this year’s registration fee even if you do not attend.

8U Registration Fees: Because we are offering limited early season practice for 8U players the registration fees will be less. Registration will be $125 which is only a $25 increase over last year when comparing the combined fees for the indoor clinics and spring registration. As with the older teams the cost increase is due to increased insurance costs, transaction fees, overhead costs (fields, coaches training, equipment, medical supplies, etc.).

Uniform Fees: Uniforms will be a separate cost from the registration fee. Uniforms will be purchased through Mac Wear this year. They will need to be purchased directly from the Mac Wear website.  Information and directions on how to order uniforms and team apparel will be provided on the Stonington Seals website during the registration process.

Boys/Girls Uniforms: Players uniforms are changing this year, different style and supplier. Players will be required to purchase a new jersey this year but to try and keep cost down because of other increases this year if players have shorts/skorts from last season (must be SEALs shorts/skorts they wore last season) they can wear them again this year in lieu of purchasing new shorts/skorts. If a player does not have shorts/skorts they will need to purchase them this year.  The uniforms this year are custom made. The idea behind this is to have higher quality uniforms that players can wear for multiple years or as long as they fit them.

We are looking forward to another great season and appreciate all the support we have received to make the Stonington Seals a successful youth lacrosse program.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the Stonington Seals Presidents or SEALs Board members.

Yours in Lacrosse,

DJ McBain, SEALs Boys Teams President

Deb Dempsey, SEALs Girls Teams President

Stonington SEALs Board

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2017 Registration/Upcoming Lacrosse Dates and News

Upcoming 2016-2017 Lacrosse Dates and News

Come join Stonington SEALs Lacrosse the fastest game on two feet!  This popular sport is fast paced and teaches team and individual growth through respect, teamwork and fun. We offer intro to lacrosse for Kindergarten thru second grade.  New Uniforms this year and new teams.

Intro- K, 8U (1-2nd grade), 10U ( 3rd & 4th grade), 12 U (5th & 6th grade) 14U (7th & 8th grade)

Upcoming uniform fitting dates below along with our complimentary intro to lacrosse clinic dates. Spring registration will include indoor turf practices and clinics beginning in Feb-April. Our outdoor practices begin mid-April till mid-June once the town opens the fields for Spring sports.  

Online Registration opens Dec 10-Feb 15 on our website.

NEW! Upcoming Preseason Lacrosse Opportunities Page: check out local tournaments and clinics along with winter teams, this page will be updated so check back often on our website!


Stonington SEALs Uniform Fitting Dates:

Tuesday January 10th 6:00-8:00pm – Stonington Como Auditorium

Sunday February 5th 11:30-1:30pm – Stonington Como Auditorium


Spread the Word-Lacrosse Free Intro Clinics (K-3rd grade)

Sunday January 29th 1:30-3:00pm - Stonington Como Gym

Sunday February 5th 1:30-3:00pm - Stonington Como Gym

Sunday February 12th 1:30-3:00pm – Stonington Como Gym


Mystic Indoor Sport Winter/Early Spring Schedule included with Spring Lacrosse Registration

Girls: Grades 1, 2 March 2, 9th 5-6:30pm (optional additional dates for indoor $45)

Girls: Grades 3, 4, 5 Thursdays 5-6:30pm March 2-April 20

Girls: Grades 6, 7, 8 Thursdays 6:30-8pm March 2-April 20 

Including 3D Lacrosse professional lacrosse clinic for the girls


Boys: Grades 3,4,5  Monday 5-6:30pm Feb 6, 13, 20, 27

Boys: Grades 6,7,8  Mondays  6:30-8pm Feb 6, 13, 20, 27

Boys: Grades 1-4  Fridays 5-6:30pm March 3-March 24

Boys: Grades 5-8  Fridays 6:30-8pm March 3-March 24 


Discounted Registration $170 includes (registration, US Lacrosse insurance, Mystic Indoor Sport preseason turf practices/clinics) uniforms separate. Discounted registration till Feb 1.

Registration opens online Dec 15th.

Register before Feb 1 for preseason discount, registration after February 15 $220 Registration closes March 1, 2017.

Mystic Indoor Turf practice and clinic times are posted on our website starting Feb 2, 2017- April 20, 2017.

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